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By gostro · May 13, 2021 ·
  1. gostro
    Wondering if anyone has any insight or thoughts into the current offer of 0% a.p.r. for 72 mos. I wonder, will this be a one-time deal? I've literally wanted one of these cars since 07, when they came out.

    For one reason and another over the years, I've never yet pulled the trigger. Got on this forum several years ago, to follow the latest news and info. I've lurked, enjoyed your guys' posts and kept on dreaming of the day. I've said for years, "why can't they offer 0% on the damn challenger??"

    Now, that time has come. But, only till June 1st. I'm torn between dipping into money I'm saving for a new house vs. waiting a while longer. I was planning on getting a home this year, but with the housing market as insane as it is, I'm beginning to think I'm better to wait for a drop in the market. So, down payment isn't really a problem. Neither is monthly payment. But, no garage to put it in right now. Thoughts, anyone? Do I put off the challenger even longer, or go get that damn 1320 model I pulled up online the other day?

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