Challenger Exits from NASCAR

By SRT-Tom · Dec 27, 2018 ·
  1. SRT-Tom
    Many do not know it, but Challengers, under Zombie Dodge/MBM Motorsports, have been competing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series of stock car races for the past six years. They have done this without factory support from Fiat Chrysler. Teams like MBM Motorsports sought out deals on old cars that bigger teams like Penske weren’t using anymore.

    This competition, sadly, ended in November 2018. When NASCAR starts back up, in February 2019, the Challengers will no longer be legal. NASCAR is moving from steel to composite bodies in the Xfinity series next year. This, essentially, means that body panels on the composite cars can lock and bolt on rather than be welded onto a chassis like steel ones.

    These cars represent a fun symbol of an era that ended years ago, and a reminder that some race teams at the top levels of NASCAR have to get creative in order to compete.


    While the other race cars continued to develop in the series, the Challengers in NASCAR were just like they were in 2012, no matter what calendar year it was. They had restrictions in performance and aerodynamics as the years went on and other cars evolved. But seeing them in the field at tracks where aerodynamics mattered less was like seeing an old friend.

    MBM Motorsports said on Twitter that it’ll sell the cars after the season ends.

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