Spare Tires

By SRT-Tom · Apr 30, 2019 ·
  1. SRT-Tom
    If your Challenger has a compact spare tire, it can be negatively impacted by lots of conditions, from heat, exposure to UV rays, and even time. It is recommended that you check your spare every time you have your tires rotated, approximately every 6,000-8,000 miles. When inspecting your spare, check for:
    • proper air pressure
    • signs of aging
    • damage
    • excessive wear

    Spare tires age like any other tire. Even if your spare tire never sees any use, it is still affected by the passage of time. As tires age, the structural integrity can be negatively affected. After a long enough period of time, driving on your spare tire may become unsafe. We recommend considering spare tire replacement at six years of age. For safety purposes, if your spare tire is ten years old, it is considered non-serviceable and should be replaced.

    Spare tires are susceptible to slow air loss and temperature fluctuations. This makes it very important to check the air pressure regularly. It is best to check the air in your spare tire every time you check your other tires. This will help ensure that your spare is properly inflated should you ever need to use it. Driving on an underinflated spare, particularly a compact or space-saver spare, can potentially cause serious tire damage and even tire failure.

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