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  1. ScatBee392
    Vehicle - 2016 Hellcat Charger
  2. mandynivera
  3. Walker17
    Meant to get an R/T Plus or "maybe" a 2018 SRT....ended up with a 2016 HellCat! This car does not suck.
  4. Waylav2018TA
    Waylav2018TA Crazy55rider
    Thanks...its high octane red. The wife and I love it. It kinda changes color in different light. From a deep black cherry in dark to the glistening strawberry.
  5. Crazy55rider
    Crazy55rider Waylav2018TA
    Hey there nice color what is it.
  6. Waylav2018TA
    Just "chill'n"
  7. raymond5527
    Concord, California
  8. Butch Campbell
    Butch Campbell
    2018 Scat Pack Shaker
  9. Alan Johnston
    Alan Johnston
    That's my old Challenger 2010. Now I have a 2018 Challenger same engine 5.7 liter and 8 speed auto.
  10. 09b5srt8chall
    Srt8 is great. !!!