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  1. dylan wagner
    dylan wagner
    Owner of newly bought, 2021 Challenger GT AWD and the owner of a 1970 dodge challenger R/T (missing the 440 6pk) needing full restoration
  2. jamesworthy42
    The Law Firm of Jorge M. Juco
    JOE DIRT FrankenMax
    Hey frank, this Allan. Please let know if and when you send it, so I’ll know to look out for it. Thanx man
  4. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom Shaggy
    I noticed that I am not listed in the Staff Section of the forum. Can you please add my name.
  5. tjfrombama
    Convertiblized. Brembos, Flowmasters. Bone stock drivetrain so far....
  6. hoseraee
    hoseraee 70-426_10-SRT
    Without the markings I'm going to guess Air Force ? In Nam they were the baddest SAR's I ever met over there.
    1. 70-426_10-SRT
      AirForce yes, POST Nam, 1978-1982 Clark AFB
      We DID get one of ours shot at on a TDY to Korea getting a little too close to the DMZ
      Dec 30, 2020
  7. aedibari
    50 years after my first 1970 Challenger I can now remember being 16 with my 2020
  8. hoseraee
    2012 Challenger R/T Classic w/STP 5.7 L, Airaid CAI, Kook long tube, Borla ATAK , milled heads, valve job w/ Hell Cat rockers, 270/283 cam
  9. Jim Spence
    Jim Spence
    2020 Scat Pack 6M
  10. synoptic12
    synoptic12 SRT-Tom
    We hope you're feeling better. You are the finest and most knowledgeable member on this forum. I have an issue as well discovered on November 1, 2019; expanded opaque lung nodule at 2.2 cm (3/4"), increasing in size. I'm not doing anything about it. Place all my trust in Our Eternal Light. Keep the faith, everything else is meaningless.