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  1. Joseph seelye
    Joseph seelye
    2020 challenger ta scat pack package
  2. Joseph seelye
    Joseph seelye
    2020 gold rush production numbers
  3. Scatpack Rob
    Scatpack Rob mudcamper
    My 2019 F8 green challenger is also peeling on the passenger side rubber stripe. Did you end up taken you car to the dealership?
  4. Lindsey
    How can I delete my profile?
  5. Motorhead1257
  6. Darrell Feit
    Darrell Feit
    Convincing myself that it is OK to take a new 2021 Scat Pack to the drag strip.
  7. David J
    David J
    Installing the rear strut tower brace today
  8. David J
    David J
    Fueled by Rage
  9. NC20RT
    NC20RT Liam Wilson
    Hey Liam, Don't leave the forum. Just ignore the posters that you don't like. I have done that already with one guy that always seemed to be negative or nitpicky.
    There are too many nice folks here and so much experience to share. All car forum sites have the negative folks. IGNORE if they bother you.
  10. ernsplace
    ernsplace Jims Scat Pack
    I'm with you !!!!!!!!!!