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  1. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom IntimidatorRT
    We should keep an eye on Moparisto- a new member with 15 posts. He is very combative, condescending and insulting. I had to give him a warning after he attacked one of my posts. Hopefully, he will refrain from such behavior in the future. If not, he will be banned.
  2. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom Shaggy
    We now have 4,201 members!
  3. bobbymac
    bobbymac SRT-Tom
    SRT Tom, Just received the lug nuts for my Weld Ventura 5 wheels... Long thin wall lug nuts by monster lugs...
    Direction on box - torque to 95 pounds. Factory rims call for 130 pounds. Which would you suggest I use, factory torque or monster lugs torque??? Thanks for your time bobbymac
  4. coolbrezz860
    looking for info on rear window spoiler that sits on rear window, want to find a single panel that sits just below the roof line
    1. SRT-Tom
      Are you referring to backlight louvers?
      May 19, 2022
  5. digitalcassidy
    Hey Mopar family! Is anyone using 5W-30 grade oil in their V-6 Challenger for our toasty SoCal summers?
  6. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom coolbrezz860
    You have an 8-inch wide wheel. The maximum tire width is a 245/45-20.
  7. bobbymac
    Think I got it right
  8. James Cavender
    James Cavender
    Just had back quarter panel passenger side rust repaired.
  9. James Cavender
    James Cavender
    Proud owner of 2013 Challenger SXT Plus
  10. SRT-Tom
    SRT-Tom coolbrezz860
    A 245/45-20.