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  1. Cynthia
    Still over the moon a year later with my T/A 5.7 purchase! Looking for upgrades to gain more HP and torque. Any suggestions?
  2. Roberi Grahami
    Roberi Grahami
    avid travel coin will be accepted by our company and affiliates for services rendered, it will also bb listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.
  3. LeRoy
    LeRoy Conley916
    Curious as to if you ever sold the car?
  4. TKLockwood
  5. Jason Beltran
    Jason Beltran
    Currently offering 3% under dealer invoice on factory order red eye Challengers please email me or call the store [email protected]
  6. Walker17
    BBORR -- anyone have details about how to sign-up as a rookie for this race? Looking into the 2019!
  7. yellowjacketrob
    I am in MI, not a daily driver. Only goes on the road when the sun is out. This is a muscle car, not a sports car, in my opinion.
  8. ScatBee392
    Vehicle - 2016 Hellcat Charger
  9. mandynivera
  10. Walker17
    Meant to get an R/T Plus or "maybe" a 2018 SRT....ended up with a 2016 HellCat! This car does not suck.