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  1. Doctor Dirt
    Doctor Dirt
    born a MoPar Man, been close to 70 years now....
  2. Diehard
    Been retired for almost 7 years now.
  3. jim
    jim SRT-Tom
    Tom , what's the best tuner for my 6 speed , 5.7 R/T ?
    Thanks , Jim
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    2. SRT-Tom
      I am not sure about the need to pull the engine to install long tube headers. Have you contacted the manufacturer to get its advice? Also, long-tube headers are basically for racing. They do the best job building horsepower and torque from mid-to-high RPMs. (message 2 of 3)
      Feb 1, 2018
    3. SRT-Tom
      Another option is shorty headers, like the ones on the SRT. They can be installed with the engine in place. They are great for the street because they deliver more power horsepower and torque from idle to the mid-RPM range. (message 3 of 3)
      Feb 1, 2018
    4. jim
      Thanks Tom ,I'll go with the shorties and Diablo.
      Your advice was priceless.
      Feb 1, 2018
  4. BurntRT
    Debating tires, stagger, no stagger, how wide and hmmmm mud flaps?
  5. BurntRT
    BurntRT IntimidatorRT
    I have started a few threads, just wanna make sure I'm going about it right and not cluttering the forum
  6. Techies Geek
    Techies Geek
    < href=""> Techies Geek</a> blog is sharing all the stuff that related to internet, social media, google, tech..
  7. Rehab Foralcohol
    Rehab Foralcohol
    Will Caresource insurance cover detox and substance abuse treatment costs? Most plans will cover the majority of addition related expenses
  8. Maui Zipline
    Maui Zipline
    A Maui Zipline thrill for everyone is North Shore Zipline Adventure, built over the relics of Camp Maui where the 4th Marine Division was ba
  9. Crazy55rider
    This is my 2015 RT Shaker. I’m looking for a new grille top and bottom. A chunk of wood plowed thru
  10. JLFast
    2016 Dodge Challenger R/T Super Track Pack