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  1. Chops
    Discovered that the previous owner had already done the exhaust mod that I was thinking of doing (somewhere down the road).
  2. Brian colpitts
    Brian colpitts
    Srt vinyl letters
  3. Chops
    Saw my car's "twin" @ the mall today
  4. Chops
    Cold day here in DE, & I'm trying to develop a good habit of putting my car cover on @ nite. Been getting frost overnight recently.
  5. Joe Del 007
    Joe Del 007
    New to the Forum just thought I'd say to you all! Mopar Lovers
  6. Chops
    Sorry, but I couldn't figure out how to simply post a question? I'm a new member & unfamiliar with how to use the forum.
  7. 70-426_10-SRT
    Accelerating through the gears :)
  8. Scott Abbott
    Scott Abbott
    Can’t hold no groove if you ain’t got no pocket.
  9. Shani
    Living the dream...
  10. Cynthia
    Still over the moon a year later with my T/A 5.7 purchase! Looking for upgrades to gain more HP and torque. Any suggestions?