2016 challenger belly pan

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    Feb 21, 2015
    I'm having an issue with the rear engine tray, the one you remove 4 bolts to change oil. I brought it to a reputable shop, to have them do it. I know I'm going to hear, "Do it yourself", "what Brand"...please ...that not my issue.

    I use this place, when I first get there I say (VERY Politely), I need to watch/hover, and be SURE that tray, is put back in place just right and all 4 bolts, in and straight. Its been my experience the guys that "know their S**T" welcome it, the F**k ups, are irritated.Due to Coid19 I wasn't able to watch as close as normal. I explain I've previously had issues with that rear tray being done back on right. (I leave out how I've caught other places, only putting back on 3 bolts, loosing one, or stripping them.
    ONE shop put it on with the REAR tray overlap facing FRONT, like a hood scoop - that did
    well after 70 mph).

    So today after they did the job, I look under from the front, and its low as hell. From the back you can see the hole/bow. Its like they used the wrong screw holes on the frame, that are too close together.
    NOW, I can either get under there, and look/fix or bring it back to them....say "Fix it" This should be flush, no gapping hole if seem from back, and not Low as hell when seen from the front. I took pics of another car like mine. He has this bow too, but his is not as bad....Maybe these bow up over time?..I should just buy a new one. Compare1.jpg Compare1.jpg sm_Mine1.jpg sm_Other1.jpg Compare1.jpg sm_Mine1.jpg sm_Other1.jpg Thing is, mine was just replaced about a year or less ago,
    Has anyone else had this issue? I need to be fully armed when I go back with it Is
    something they did, and this is NOT normal.
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    Mar 28, 2020
    Funny you should mention this issue. When I brought my Durango in for it's first oil change I noticed the dealership left the access panel off. I complained to the service manager afterwards and they said they would replace it for me. Needless to say, they never did and I never followed up on it. Years later now, I'm sure whoever owns it now has no idea that it's even missing. Does it really matter? Probably not but I'm sure there's debris up in the cavity that shouldn't be there and wouldn't be there if the cover was in place.