2016 R/T Shaker 5.7 Tremec 3.91 Getrag backlash getting worse

Discussion in 'Challenger Mechanical Problems Forum | TSB's' started by Keith Shekrota, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Jul 16, 2017
    Hello, I'll try to get to the point quick. I have the above car with 1500 easy miles on it.
    the drivetrain backlash started out normal for a 3.91 with slight thud for backlash
    when on off gas. Now its to the point where normal shifting causes a shudder and on/off
    causes a double load (bang/bang) compared mine to another r/t same exact with 2400mi
    by having both cars in 4th with no park brake and rocking the back tire fwd/bkwd by hand
    Their car had what I call normal backlash maybe an inch of tire turn followed by a solid
    stop each direction. BUT mine the tire turn was like twice that or more and didnt stop solid
    especially fwd it sounded/felt like something in the tranny had slop and noise like gear play
    plus the differential clunk when going backwards...
    Final mention, when driving in 3rd or 4th the backlash actually snaps your head back/forth a bit.
    This cant be right... Thanx 4 opinions in advance...

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