AC not coming on after new Comp and PX transducer

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    May 25, 2022
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    Hi everyone,

    I picked up a 2010 6.1 a few months back. Got it for a good deal with loads of small issues.

    Recently the AC stopped. I used my meter to shoot the compressor clutch input and got battery voltage (14.something). Thought definitely the AC clutch/compressor at fault for not engaging with power at the plug... I replaced the compressor and clutch unit and the system still isn't coming on. a bit confused to replaced the pressure transducer (parts darts at this point) and still no AC.

    I had the pcm parameters adjusted after the ac stopped working as the fan high speed will only run in conjunction with the condenser temp as the motor was overheating without the AC cycling. Its 46c/115f here most days and humid af so unless its an unavoidable journey the cars just parked up.

    back round to thinking I've been sold a broken compressor clutch...

    Any ideas hmu
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    May 2, 2021
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    Did you check your ground circuit on the compressor. Sometimes there are controlled grounds to enable a circuit to work...