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    Mar 16, 2018
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    I read an article stating that the 2017 models were all getting active Exhaust (louder note under heavy throttle). But I can't find any actual dodge literature stating this, and I can't find any information on if it exists or how it works. I have a new 2018, and want to know what I might have, how to check to be sure, before I start making any exhaust changes.

    Can anyone shed any light on the topic?
  2. Diehard

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    Feb 1, 2018
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    If you Google it you'll find plenty of confirmations on this. Including links to other forums where owners talk about it. Many like it so much they don't want to change it. But of course there's those that want it even louder.
    I haven't heard it on a 5.7L but I suspect it's along the lines of the 6.4L. The butterfly valves inside the exhaust pipe stay full open for the first 60 seconds or so, after starting. Then quiets down a bit. So it's relatively tame, with a definite rumble at conservative accelerations. As you said, a louder note under heavy throttle. Particularly under load. There are overrides/fixes for those that want the valves open all the time. Don't know if the R/T's have Track mode but I believe it stays full open then.

    But if you already have a 2018 R/T you already know what it sounds like. Not loud enough for you?

    Dodge does confirm it with the statement "An available active exhaust system delivers an unmistakable and aggressive muscle car sound. It is standard with all V8 engines", on the web site.

    Here are a few comments from other R/T owners.

    "I just got a 17 Challenger R/T STP the other day and I love it (Still <300 miles). I was not expecting the exhaust to impress me because I've heard hundreds of stock R/Ts. I could not believe how deep and throaty it sounded when I had someone else start it up and rev it. I looked online and discovered the 2017 and up 5.7L Hemis come with active 2.75 in. exhausts like the 2015+ 6.4L."

    "Yeah, I like my active exhaust and have no intention of changing it. It is almost too loud sometimes. Almost."

    "I am also in love with the exhaust on my 17 RT. It sounds fantastic and if you want to cruise quietly, it can do that too. I don't think the valves stay open in Sport Mode, but it is certainly louder than when it isn't in Sport Mode."