aFe SPrint Booster Power Convertor

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    aFe Power is proud to introduce additional coverage to our growing Sprint Booster line for popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Scion & Subaru Applications. This simple and safe Power plug and play device eliminates the delay in the pedal response, which allows for crisp acceleration on tap, dramatically improving response time and your overall driving experience. This aFe Power device has three settings. Green: “Sport Program” Better response for smooth driving. Red: “Race Program” Best response for aggressive driving. Light Off: “Inactive” Vehicle is back to the stock response.

    $295 - Order HERE


    Simple Installation for the aFe Power Booster

    For vehicles with electronic control (ETC) systems, or drive by wire, this aFe Power device plugs into the OE connector located behind the accelerator pedal. It is a simple installation, requiring no cutting of any wires.

    Three Position Settings

    Off (no light): Device is not active and vehicle is stock

    Sport (Green): Device is active, throttle response and acceleration are improved over the stock setting

    Race (Red): Device is active, throttle response and acceleration are improved over the sport setting

    Better Drivability

    The increased throttle response and the improved acceleration results in a better driving experience.

    aFe Power is a manufacturer of automotive aFe Power cold air intake systems, aFe performance air filters, aFe fluid filters, aFe intake manifolds turbochargers, aFe Power programmers, throttle body spacers and exhaust systems.