Another Name for the Shaker

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    Here is some "old school" trivia.

    Did you know that back in 1970, MOPAR's abbreviation for the shaker was the following: ieqcag

    It stood for Incredible Exposed Quivering Cold Air Grabber

    Check out the following image from a Plymouth 'Cuda brochure. Note the arrow pointing to this option.

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    I remember when some 'Cuda owners would opt out for a hotter camshaft to really make that engine shake at an idle. A hot cam with some exhaust mods would create a whole new sound when cruising through the burger joints. Nowadays I see some Challenger owners with exhaust mods working the paddle shifters and foot feed taking off from a traffic signal. A head turner for certain....sounds great in a tunnel too. I do remember some Chevy owners that would opt out for a timing chain to timing gear swap, a hot cam with exhaust mods/cut outs....this would create the whine and rumble that would put the Ward Cleaver types up a wall and run the cops crazy. Some things should never change.

    Music to my ears, then and now.

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