Challenger Octane Red vs. Grand Cherokee Velvet Red

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    Hi all, I've researched and looked at pictures but can't tell for sure. Are these two colors the same? (Just named differently; one for Dodge and one for Jeep?) Or, is there a noticeable difference in person? Someone told me just because they have different paint codes (if they do), that doesn't mean they are different. Thanks!
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    They are similar but slightly different colors. The paint codes are:

    Velvet Red- PPG 937541
    Octane Red- PRV

    Also, there is High Octane Red- PRR

    The paint codes are the key. The names of a color can differ from car brands but they may have the same paint code (e.g., from 1969-1972, Dodge had a Hemi-orange color and Plymouth had Tor-Red, but both colors had an EV2 paint code).
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    I have a 2019 Challenger in octane red and just recently picked up a 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk in Velvet Red and there is a noticeable difference. The octane red almost has a color changing quality to it when in the sunlight, sometimes it almost looks like a root beer color other times it looks like a chromatic red color to it, like a cherry red metallic painted over a chrome undercoat, maybe it has more perl in it than the velvet red. In the garage I would say the octane red looks slightly darker.
    I would be curious as to what years and makes or models these two colors were offered for if anyone has that kind of info. Looking in the 2017 Grand Cherokee brochure that came with my Trailhawk, it looks like octane red was not an option for that year and model.