Check for updates before 3-36 warrany is over!!

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    As I understood it a RECALL is something you will be notified about. However an UPDATE to our particular serial numbered cars is only issued on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS. In other words if you have a problem and an update is available it will be corrected. My 3-36 was to end Mar 14. In late Feb. I went back to the dealer where I purchased my car (which was one yr. old at that time) & found that an update check could be made & there would be no charge. If I came in after the 3-36 had passed then there would have been a charge. I don't know if it was because I bought my car there or not but the tech. reported 2 updates that he corrected & was on my way after about an hours wait in the customer lounge.
    I felt like my Nag 1 tranny was taking a bit too long to shift between the early gears so in I went to see if any updates were on record. After I drove out of the dealership what a difference in the quicker response as the car went thru all gears & so much more smoothness between shifts. The 1st update was for the TCM (transmission control module) & the 2nd one was for a PCM update but no specifies were mentioned on the work order as to why for the computer update.
    So if your within your 3-36 give the dealership a drive by to see if you can still qualify for a FREE update checkup. It could save having to pay later for at least an hours charge if you wanted to bring your car up to date on any follow-ups from Chrysler. I enjoy my car a lot more now since the updates were installed.

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