Composition of Brembo Brake Pads

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    I found this interesting diagram explaining the technology behind Brembo brake pads. They certainly throw off a lot of brake dust, but they do provide maximum stopping power and resistance to fade.

    Here is my SRT's braking performance:

    60-0 mph= 121 feet
    80-0 mph= 212 feet

    When you consider that the average car requires about 180 feet to stop from 60 mph, 121 feet is quite impressive for such a heavy car.

    I have not replaced the pads on my SRT. I have just got used to a quick 5 minute wheel cleaning with a water spray bottle and paper towels. (Tip- If you wax the inside of your wheels, the dust comes off with one swipe. For the outside of my forged Alcoa wheels, I use Meguiars Detail Spray).

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