Cost of Grassroots Dirt Car Racing

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    The Oct./Nov. 2021 issue of Road & Track had an informative article about the cost of grassroots dirt car racing in four classes. Here is a breakdown:

    Dirt Late Models- $81,433

    Complete Car- $50,000
    Support Equipment- $15,039 (trailer and hydraulic pit jack)
    Spares- $4,500 (2 sets of wheels and suspension parts)
    Safety Gear- $2,769 (fireproof suit, gloves, shoes, skivvies, helmet and HANS device)
    Consumables- $7,625 (race fuel and tires)
    Entry Fee- $2,769

    Spec Miata- $64,305

    Complete Car- $19,500
    Support Equipment- $4,262 (open or closed trailer, E-Z Up and tool set)
    Spares- $4,500 (3 sets of wheels, spare transmission, front wheel bearings, etc.)
    Nomex Safety Gear- $2,058
    Consumables- $29,360 (annual engine refresh, 2 sets of tires per race, race fuel and fluids)
    Entry Fee- $4,625($450 per event)

    Class 11 Baja- $41,501

    Complete Car- $18,000 (stock VW Beetle)
    Support Equipment- $10,316 (open trailer, 2 E-Z Ups, tool set, 3 chase cars and satellite phone)
    Spares- $1,500 (transmission, wiring and misc. parts)
    Safety Gear- $1,646 (helmet, HANS device, suit, kidney belt, gloves and emergency bag)
    Consumables- $5,784 (gas, oil and 4 1/2 sets of off-road tires and stock wheels)
    Entry Fee- $4,255 (entry, licensing and inspection fees)
    Karting- $9,328

    Complete L0206 Kart- $4,400
    Support Equipment- $1,157 (light trailer, kart stand, E-Z Up and tool set)
    Spares- $784 92 sets of wheels)
    Safety Gear- $746 (Codura suit, gloves, neck collar and helmet)
    Consumables- $1,400 (5 sets of tires, fuel and fluids)
    Entry Fee- $840 ($70 per weekend)

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    An expensive 'hobby' for sure. Interesting breakdown plus there are probably even more expenses.