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    A good friend owns a graphic shop, he designed and installed. The vinyl is a gun metal to go with the Hyper Black wheels on this Shaker. War stripes were removed after the picture was taken.

    2016-02-26 08.36.34.jpg
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    I owned a 1971 'Cuda and loved its unique billboard stripe. I would give you an "A" for effort, but I don't think that the 1971 'Cuda billboard looks right on the Challenger.

    The body lines of the Challenger and 'Cuda are too different. The more bulky shape of the Challenger distorts the billboard stripe, in my opinion. The Challenger is actually a slightly modified 2-door Charger, shortened by 3 inches.

    Compare it to this photo of a 1971 'Cuda with its more streamlined stripe.

    As a side note, here is a brief story of how the billboard stripe was developed. After the 1970 "hockey stripe", the designers were told to create a new side stripe. After rejecting several ideas, the designers were told that their ideas were not bold enough. In frustration, the designers came up with the most outlandish stripe that they could think of, knowing that it would never be approved. To their surprise, the corporate heads loved it and the rest is history!

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