Demons in Virginia Beach

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    We were in Va. Beach, Va. for a week visiting grandkids and went to a local car show that they do every Saturday and lucky us....there were two Demons on display. They were both owned by a local family that had pooled their money and purchased the cars. One was bought locally and another was bought in South Carolina. One was red and one was orange. Both of them had the passenger seat and rear seat installed. The price that they paid for them was well above the MSRP but so it goes. One was purchased for around 105,000 and the other for something over 120,000.

    The way that Dodge has them badged was interesting......One has to look close and read the badging to properly identify the car, nothing except the iconic body style and high impact colors are out front upon first glance as the cars have the SRT emblem on the car and the Demon head on the front quarter panel. The front bucket seats have the Demon logo and on the dash in front of the passenger seat is the word "Demon" with each car's order of car had a low 100's number and the other had a number of around 1500.

    For some reason most of the crowd were hanging around the Demons. The owners were very engaging and generously allowed our grandsons, aged 7 and 9 to sit in the cars. My son took some photos and I may be able to post them later. All we could do was stand there and drool over what may be a once in a lifetime event, as I have said before, back in the day say around '71-'72 I saw one Hemi Cuda and maybe two or three Hemi Challengers. Of the less than 2400 '70 T/A Challengers built, I have seen only a few back then. My son asked one of the owners to start up one the Demons. The owner did and revved it to redline and held it there......more than a few of us got weak kneed over that.

    Thank you Mopar for your latest creation.
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    Let's see some pics!!! :)