Driver Killed in Jet Truck Crash

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    Chris Darnell, age 40, was killed in a jet truck crash at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival.

    Darnell was performing at the festival, driving his "Shockwave" jet truck in excess of 300 mph down a runway at Battle Creek Executive Airport when a mechanical failure caused him to crash.

    The Shockwave truck features three Pratt & Whitney J34-38 jet engines originally used in U.S. Navy T2 Buckeyes. The engines produce 36,000 horsepower and provide 21,000 pounds of thrust, allowing the truck to reach speeds of more than 350 mph.


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    I wonder if a better driver safety cell may be in order (proof of JP-5, etc.) to make the jet truck concept more survivable. No one on Earth has regretted the simple little safety wishbone over the F1 drivers' heads they installed AT LONG LAST, or the WEC's switch to "driver's feet must be entirely behind the front wheel centerline" build rules.

    Garlits pioneered various safety features, such as a full windshield on a Top Fuel Dragster.