Everything You Wanted to Know About Microfiber Towels

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    We all know that microfiber towels are preferred to polish and wax a car. But do you know why they work so well? Read this informative article.

    I can offer two tips:

    1. Air dry your towels. A low dryer setting may be okay, but I play it safe by air drying. The heat of a dryer can adversely affect the softness of the fibers. In fact high heat can even melt them.

    2. Wash microfiber towels separately (I recommend Woolite) and never use fabric softener. If you happen to use a fabric softener or dryer sheet with your microfiber towels, you will be left with regular old towels rather than the super-absorbing microfiber ones you started with. Most of the unique microfiber properties will be lost, and you cannot restore them once they’re gone.

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