EVs and the Future of Hot Rodding

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    In the March 2022 issue of Hot Rod, there was a timely article entitled, "What Do Electric Vehicles Mean for the Future of Hot Rodding?

    Here is an excerpt, as well as a link to the entire article:

    "But what about hot rodding? Well, the 2021 SEMA Show showed me that there are more than a few companies out there, including the big players like Chevrolet Performance and Ford, offering EV conversion systems, so EV will certainly be a part of the hot rodding picture, and it does offer some pretty impressive performance potential. But for many of us, hot rodding is a sensory experience. One of sight, sound, smell, and feel. With EV you can still have a stupid-fast, killer-looking hot rod, but it will be missing some of what I consider to be the soul of hot rodding: the feel of a lumpy cam, the whiff of hydrocarbons, and most of all, the sound. Call me an outdated boomer, but the one aspect of EV hot rods I can't adjust to is the lack of sound. It's just odd.

    That doesn't mean I don't appreciate what electrification brings to the party. But I drive a stick even though a 10-speed automatic in my ZL1/1LE Camaro would be faster. Why? Because the stick makes for a more immersive driving experience, just like driving a shaky, loud hot rod that smells of burnt fossil fuels is a more immersive hot rodding experience. Would Harley riders be as excited over a silent Harley motorcycle even if it was faster and smoother? Nope, that distinct Harley sound is part of the experience. You may like quiet civilized performance and comfort in your daily driver, but most of us like our hot rods a bit rougher around the edges.

    So, while I do see EV conversions gaining popularity in the hot rodding hobby, I only see it becoming a small part of the overall mix. EFI didn't remove carbs from our hot rods, and even LS swaps are vastly outnumbered by Gen-I Chevy small-blocks. EV is just another option for hot rodders who want to go that route. But if you think EVs will take over our hobby and displace internal combustion hot rods I wouldn't advise holding your breath while you wait for it to happen."

    What Do Electric Vehicles Mean for the Future of Hot Rodding? (motortrend.com)