Factory Durability Tests for Mustang Mach E Components

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    The Ford factory is doing some unusual durability tests for the seats and the tablet screen of its Mustang Mach E.

    Ford needed a lot of people to sit in a Mach E, to determine the durability of its fabric seats, without actually hiring anyone. So, they are using robots to simulate passengers getting in and out of the seats over 25,000 times (i.e., a 10-year wear cycle). They were also tested for stain resistance.


    Ford also tests the “Dragontail” glass of the car's expensive tablet, with a hammer, for breakability, as well as the mount that attaches the screen to the dash! It’s magnesium- something that’s usually reserved for cars like the Koenigsegg and not a mass-market EV. Ford says that because of those mounts, the screen in the Ford Mustang Mach E is resistant to pulling and bumping.