3.6L Finally! 11-13 3.6 Oil Filter Bypass Valve FIX!!!

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    Nov 9, 2015
    I'm sure some of you have had that stupid plastic piece break inside the oil filter assembly and had the spring fly out at you. You googled and watched videos and the ONLY fix at the time was to replace the whole assembly which runs about $160 if you do it yourself or about $400 if you bring it somewhere. Dorman FINALLY came out with a replacement plastic piece. The Dorman part number is 917-992. I found mine on ebay and ordered it. I should have it by Friday. The link is below.

    Oil Filter Bypass Valve Fits 12-13 Ram 11-13 Jeep 11-13 Chrylser 11-13 Dodge

    I went to the auto parts stores and they said they could order it but they would mark it up 35% plus shipping which would probably bring me to way past the $35 total from ebay.

    So if yours is broken, no need to buy a whole assembly. I am not selling these or advocating for the person selling these on ebay. I am just trying to get the word out because I could only think of how much of a pain in the rear it was going to be for me to change the whole assembly. Now it's just a 2 minute fix.