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    MSN published these comments about the future of Dodge:

    Dodge is aware that it has just three percent market share in the U.S., which is a big reason it plays directly to its performance-oriented base. "Love it or hate it, it has an identity that separates it from the pack," Kuniskis said. In an age when car nameplates seem to be going extinct at an alarming rate, Dodge has become a master at extending its models' shelf lives by adding more muscular variants, aesthetic treatments, and more. It's a strategy that has also made Hellcat a household name. The Challenger has added the Demon, Redeye, and 1320, to name just a few, while the Charger has had its share of attention, too; it gets an SRT Hellcat widebody version this fall.

    "When we did the Demon, I honest to God thought that was the muscle-car mic drop," Kuniskis said. But he was wrong. "As soon as we did it, we were like, 'What else you got?' "

    It's working. The last decade has seen a 60 percent increase in Challenger and Charger sales, with the Challenger posting its best-ever sales in 2018. And although these cars ride on an old platform, there are no plans to give them new bones or to discontinue them as long as there's demand and they meet all regulations. Indeed, with the Challenger turning 50 years old this year, we're expecting to see anniversary editions. And no, the Demon is not coming back, Kuniskis said. Nor will there be a Charger Demon.

    The Durango fits the brand as a performance SUV, but it's in a competitive segment that has exploded with new three-row SUV entries. Kuniskis admitted the smaller Journey is an outlier, but being in a hot SUV segment, it still sells well. "I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it's perfectly aligned with the direction that the brand's headed," he said, "but it's a great-looking car in a great segment that sells extremely well, so I see no problem with Journey." It will also fill a bit of a gap when Chrysler eventually stops making the aging Grand Caravan minivan, he said.
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    Maybe a Journey Red Eye on it’s way....;)
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