Get Rid of that New Car Smell!

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    When we buy a new car, we enjoy the "new car smell" and wish to keep it as long as possible. There are even sprays on the market that try to duplicate the smell.

    Well, Ford is now trying to get rid of the new car smell in its vehicles. :surprise:

    Apparently, it is trying to satisfy the Chinese market- the largest in the world. Chinese buyers have complained about the smell. Incredibly, they place unpleasant smells ahead of engine performance or safety as their top reason for not buying a new car.

    In response, Ford has applied for a "vehicle odor remediation" patent to rid its cars of smells caused by the release of organic compounds (i.e., from leather, plastic, vinyl, glues, sealants and carpets).

    Ford's process involves parking a car in the sun, opening the widows slightly and, optionally, turning on the engine, heater and fan. The system includes special software and various air quality sensors and works only when fitted to a driverless or semi-autonomous vehicle. The car would determine whether conditions are right to expel the compounds and the car would drive itself to a place in the sun to bake away the offensive odor.
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