Hellcat gas milage

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    FYI just got back from Cali visiting my Daughter. The trip is 875 miles each way, on trip to Cali got 26 mpg with acesIV running 7-9 miles over speed limit on Cruze Control. Ran out of AcesIV in Cali drove around while there two tank full, always use chevron supreme 91-92 octane (west coast).
    On return trip no AcesIV doing everything the same got 22-23 mpg, I would have never thought it made that much difference!

    This is just for info only I don’t advocate for one product over another just stating my observations.

    I also have a 2012 Charger R/T with stroker and supercharged I use Brian’s products since day one, I get 22-23 mpg on highway ( 309 getrag rear end) I run 1000 rpm higher than hellcat due to rear end.