How about some suggested budgets/modifications?

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    I'll start it off.
    500 dollar budget:
    Nitto 555 rear tires, or Michelins if you like longevity.

    1000 dollars above that last mod, and something that can be sequential and cumulative:
    Hotter spark coils and slightly larger plug gaps. The larger plug gaps alone have been tested and proven to work:

    2000 dollars past those ones: Aftermarket exhaust modifications to uncork any future mods.

    2000 dollars past those ones: cam and valve springs for better valve behavior near redline

    2000 more dollars: aftermarket PCM with a tune to suit mods so far

    2000 more dollars: wider wheels and tires, especially on the rear.

    The next steps can get substantially pricier, but are around 6k or more:
    Centrifugal supercharger
    PD (positive displacement) blower
    Turbo system
    Transmission upgrades
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    Are there some more suggestions by anyone?

    I think naturally-aspirated is a graceful and finesse-ish way to extract power from an engine, and can be its own style of fun for those not too addicted to gobs of power with little effort.

    The gun of naturally-aspirated is how big of a deal those details are that with boost, you can just pave over and ignore.

    I may even do some actual phone calls and research by actually talking to people as opposed to just gleaning from websites.
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    Now, this is fairly epic.

    I am truly impressed, but they boosted the CID to 454 cubic inches.

    What was truly amazing to me was the 685 foot-pounds. How do you get a foot-pounds-to-cubic inches ratio of 1.5:1? Not even the blown Hellcat gets that.

    14:1 compression indicates to me that either:
    A) they used octane booster or E85, and/or
    B) a custom cam that bleeds cylinder pressure either back up the intake tract or out the exhaust valve in lower RPM to keep the engine from detonating.
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    Are you looking for performance or appearance modifications, or both?

    Here are some photos of the appearance mods that I made to my 2009 SRT.

    "Orange Crush" | Dodge Challenger Forum

    List of Challenger Mods and Collectibles (2009 Challenger SRT 6.1 Hemi)

    Challenger Engine Bay, Interior and Exterior Mods

    Engine Bay

    • Mopar Cold Air Intake
    • Signature ID Plate (with name, VIN and build date)
    • Billet SRT8 and Challenger “Beverage Delete” Emblems
    • Billet Power Steering Set– Reservoir Cover and Cap (with SRT engraving)
    • Billet Washer Fluid Cap (with Washer Fluid Only engraving)
    • Billet ABS Cover
    • Billet Throttle Body Cover (with HEMI engraving)
    • Billet Oil Filler Cap (with 0-40W Mobil 1 engraving)
    • Billet Transmission Cap (with SRT engraving)
    • Billet Signature Series Oil Catch Can with Z-Bar Mount
    • Billet Oil Dip Stick Handle (with Oil engraving)
    • Billet Fuse Box Cover (with Challenger engraving)
    • Billet “Bee-Hive” Suspension Strut Covers
    • Billet High Pressure A/C Port Cap
    • Chrome Hood Strut Covers
    • Stainless Steel Hood Latch
    • Orange HEMI Coil Pack Cover Lettering
    • Aluminum Braided Hoses with Connectors


    • Polished Stainless Steel Challenger Door Sills
    • Billet Gas, Brake, Parking Brake and Dead Pedal Racing Pedals
    • Billet Power Seat Switch Covers
    • SRT Carbon Fiber Door Badges
    • Mopar T-Shifter Handle
    • Challenger SRT Aluminum Cup Holder Inserts (front & rear consoles)
    • Red SRT Start Button
    • Revelco Anti-Theft Device (with SRT8 plug)
    • Challenger SRT Shoulder Belt Pads
    • Challenger Embroidered Trunk Carpet
    • Trunk Lid Liner (OEM)
    • Chrome Trunk Strut Covers
    • SRT8 Floor Mats (front & rear)
    • Black door latch covers
    • SRT Sun Visor Decals


    • 245/45-20 and 275/40-20 Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 Ultra High Performance Tires
    • SRT Stainless Steel Side Mirror Window Trim
    • Custom Dodge Challenger SRT8 License Plate Frame (Rear)
    • SRT Valve Stem Caps

    (Note- All Billet parts are made from solid 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum)

    Challenger Souvenirs (2006-2009)

    · “It’s On” Challenger hat

    · SRT hat

    · Assorted Challenger, SRT and Hemi T-shirts (22)

    · Car-shaped molded T-shirt from 2008 press conference

    · 2008 and 2009 Press kits

    · Challenger Pencils

    · Pocket folders and notebook

    · Automotive magazines (Concept and 2008/2009 models)

    · Internet articles (hundreds of illustrated reviews/road tests and Countdown Clock)- 5 loose leaf books

    · Dodge Challenger Advertising Brochures/Booklets (2009- )

    · Road test and SRT Experience videos (two flash drives)

    · Challenger die cast model cars (1/64, 1/32 and 1/24 scale)

    · 6.1 Hemi engine model (with moving parts)

    · Personalized Photo coffee mug (2009 SRT)

    · Framed Personalized Challenger Photo, “Time to Play Hard”- 65th Birthday (12/7/14)

    · SRT notepad

    · SRT flag

    · SRT Experience ID badge

    · SRT black racing helmet liner

    · Challenger key chain