How to Change Brembo Caliper Dust Boots

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    How to Change Brembo Caliper Dust Boots
    1. Remove your brake pads, unbolt your caliper and use a bungee cord to hang it off of your spring (to prevent it from hanging by the brake line).
    2. Clean the inside of your caliper with brake cleaner and blue shop towels. If buildup is really bad, use a small brush.
    3. Pump your brakes in small increments until the pistons start to come out. The pistons may come out unevenly. This is normal and doesn't always mean that you need to rebuild your calipers. You want to target getting all of your pistons to come out but not too far. Be aware that if you pump the brakes too much, the pistons can come out. To keep them from coming out too far, put a piece of wood inside the caliper to prevent it from happening. However, if you take it slow, they will not come out too far.
    4. Use a small flathead screwdriver and press it between the boot and the caliper on each side. The caliper dust boot should pop off fairly easily. The front calipers have a small notch on the dust boot that you can use to place your screwdriver.
    5. Once you remove the caliper dust boot, use a clean rag and wipe around the piston. You can also use a large flathead to pry out the piston slightly further and to wipe around the outside of the piston (where the highest chance of dirt buildup is).
    6. Slide the new caliper dust boot onto the piston. Twist it in a circle to ensure it is completely locked into the groove and not folded over.
    7. Press the piston back down and then press the caliper dust boot into the caliper. Be careful not to tear the boot if you use a tool to press them. The rear calipers can be pressed in by hand. You can use a piece of wood for the front calipers. Be sure that you press the piston down first so that you don't trap a bunch of air between the dust boot and piston.
    8. Repeat for the remaining dust boots. Please note, you should always perform brake work in pairs.