How to Prevent Premature Tire Aging

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    Here are several tips to prevent premature tire aging:

    1. Avoid tire shine. Most tire shines contain petrochemicals, like butane and propane, as well as silicone that will dissolve the wax protectant, anti-oxidant and anti-ozone added by the tire manufacture leaving your tire with less protection from dry rot. (Note: See for yourself. Check the label of the product that you are currently using)
    2. Avoid excessively washing tires. Overly washing your tires with harsh cleaners might make your tire look nice in the short term, but what’s really happening is you are removing the protectants needed to preserve the tire.
    3. Drive your car frequently and never let your tires site unused. Regular use will ensure that wax protectant is constantly moving to surface of tire where it is needed to protect against ozone damage.
    4. Use an aftermarket product that will add additional protection from harmful elements. 303 Protectant is ideal because it does not contain harmful petro-chemicals or silicone oils that strip away the tires manufacture added protectants. 303 Protectant will enhance protection from UV light and is long lasting because it absorbs into the tire. Your tires will also stay cleaner because of the water repellent and anti-dust protection provided by 303 Protectant. Best of all your tires are left with that new tire appearance rather than the unnatural glossy look left by most tire shine products. (Note: You can purchase a 16 oz. spray bottle from Walmart for $8.71).
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    We talking about tires that are one cars that rarely drive? I've don't think I can keep tires long enough to have all those chemicals eventually destroy my tires. Its driving that destroys mine. ;)

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