Inspect your OEM driveshaft center support bearing regularly.

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    Our Challengers run a 2 piece driveshaft, the problem with it is the center support has the bearing held in place with a formed rubber gasket. This can age and crack and eventually tear loose either the gasket tears loose of the support frame or tears loose of the bearing, or sometimes both.

    When it completely tears loose it looks like this.


    Mine had 50,000 miles on it when this happened, but some have had this failure with only 5,000 miles on their Challenger so there is no safe time, check yours to be sure.


    Underneath your car you'll see a heat shield mid way of the driveshaft, to inspect you need to remove the heat shield so you can get a light up there to see and inspect it. If you cannot do that, on each end of the heat shield, push up and pull down on the driveshaft and try to move it left and right, you should not be able to move it more than 1/8th of an inch.

    Also in 2015 the driveshaft was changed and the center support bearing assembly cannot be swapped out, so you have to replace the entire driveshaft. Earlier years before 2015 you can get a center support Mopar replacement. Drive Safe! Ry
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    Thanks I hear something basically when I make a short turn in a parking lot anyone experienced this?