Mr. 4-Speed Challenge

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    I came across a May 1971 issue of Drag Racing USA magazine. The magazine sought to determine who was the fastest stick among the Plymouth (Ronnie Sox), Dodge (Dick Landy), Ford (Don Nicholson), and Chevy ( Dave Strickler) Pro Stock racers.

    After each driver raced a 1971 340 'Cuda, 1971 383 Challenger, 1971 Boss 351 and SS 454 El Camino, their times were totaled for two runs. The winner was Ronnie Sox!

    Here were the best times for each car among the four drivers:

    Boss 351- 13.676
    340 'Cuda- 14.065 sec.
    383 Challenger- 14.887
    454 El Camino- 14.598

    Attached, are a few photos from the article.

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