New Challenger... I have a few questions.

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    Oct 26, 2019
    I just bought a White 2018 Scat Pack and had a few questions. I posted these in my original thread where I was asking about what to by, R/T or Scat Pack, but I think these questions are better suited here.

    - The front window looks like it has water spots but I cannot clean it off, tried car soap, dish soap, windex, I even used brake cleaner in a small spot to test it out. It's not on the inside and I can't tell if its really nasty stuff stuck to the outside or if its a defect in the window. I'm starting to worry it's the anti shatter part of the window that has become defective (there is glue inbetween 2 pieces of glass, that is one reason front windows are shatter proof). You can't tell during the day but at night, at dusk, dawn or when cloudy it looks like water spots. Are our front windows know to become defective and get cloudy? If so I do have an extended warranty if the "basic" <bull sh!t> warranty doesn't cover it. I don't have any pictures but will put some up depending on how my question is answered, if no one has seen this before I will take a picture.

    - I want to add more Black accent on the car (without going overboard). I was thinking about doing a DIY black vinyl wrap on the hood or maybe paint in a flat black (professional paint, not DYI). I was also considering doing a rear Super Bee pinstripe or maybe some hood pin striping. Haven't fully decided on what yet. I might keep it simple and just add some black clip on stuff like mirror and handle covers. Anyone with a white Challenger do anything lite this?

    - I have read that the same size tires on the new Widebody will fit the other Challengers even with the stock rims. Is this true? I would love to put some 305/35R20 tires on my Scat Pack, just on the back though. With a black hood it will look old school muscle car.

    - Did a separate post but I'm also looking for some rock guards (mud flaps)


    3.18ChSP (DrSide).jpg

    1.18ChSP (Frnt With Flash).jpg
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    IMO, the Challenger does offer a good bit of real estate that one can get creative with to kind of break up all of that white or in my case Plum Crazy. I went with vinyl on the hood, two stripes down the side with the R/T logo and a bumble bee stripe on the rear in a classic fashion, more or less. All color is in a satin or maybe flat black. Because of the purple color the accent colors are pretty much subdued in appearance. BTW, these changes are not in my avatar because when I took the photo I had not added them yet but they are pretty much an exact copy of the "R/T Classic" option that was available in '16.

    IMO, any or most accents that you add to your new street beast will be highly visible because of the white color unless you choose to go with an off white or a flat white accent but that may be too subdued even in broad daylight. A billboard with the Scat Pack character on the rear quarter panels in true '70/'71 fashion may suit your taste.

    Decisions, decisions. There are many out there envious of your position and many of them drive buzz bombs looking for a street fight. IMO, this is a good opportunity to express your appreciation for a true American icon.

    Mud flaps I would avoid but there may be some rock guard options that are not too obtrusive and please, photos when done.
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    Oct 22, 2019
    The side windows are laminated like a windshield so maybe there is a defect in the laminating, should be covered under warranty if that's the case, for the wider tires i believe the 9 inch wheels you have are not wide enough for a 305 tire and i read somewhere about needing a different offset or the tire will rub. As for mud flaps i would suggest going with factory molded guards, they fit well and look ok on there, for the black accents being that you have that hood i would do the black out center and run the bumblebee stripe down the trunk and quarters if it were mine, i usually like white but all white on a challenger just looks like to much and needs a little something