Oil pressure sending unit

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    Parked the car Sunday night,got in her Monday morning,started her and after a few seconds heard that familiar chime,as it did when air bag light came on but this time it wasn't air bag,by the way,dealer fixed the air bag problem,anyway looked and check engine light was on. Checked the gauges then scrolled through info center and saw oil pressure sitting on 100 psi,immediately shut car off but had this feeling that there is no way,figuring that much would be blowing out seals in the engine,but to play it safe had it towed to Dodge place but they wanted a small fortune to TELL me what's going on. Kept waiting almost 3 hours while they were taking care of there Mercedes customers,so I decided to leave and this one old mechanic told me to take oil filler cap off and start it and if there was that much pressure, it would come out of there like a geyser. Well it didn't and that confirmed what I suspected, the sending unit diaphragm had busted.So after paying 50 dollars for a new one,removing belt, alternator and cussing those two clips that hold the plug on, I got it replaced and now working like a new one. Now I'm wondering if I should unplug the battery to turn off check engine light or just drive it and let it take care of it self?