Out of place, 1 red, 1 black

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    I notice 2 wires that were obviously not factory under the hood. They start somewhere in the grill an then go into the firewall, and eventually disappearing in the plastic trim along the bottom of the drivers door jam. I have been waiting for this week off of work to trace them out along with some other little projects. The plot thickened today when a buddy pointed out i had aftermarket halos in my headlights. I cannot find any obvious way to turn them on. I' guessing remote, which I don' have. I am betting that those out of place wires in the engine compartment are connected to the halo mystery. Any suggestions on getting temporary power to the mystery wire and verifying this? I am no electrician. Standby for pics of BurntRT
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    I am an electrician, but what some guys did to their cars is a mystery.
    Put a 1 amp inline fuse on the red wire and then put the black to ground, touch the red to B+, non fused.
    The one amp fuse may burnout if there is a solid short in the wiring, that is why you don't connect it to a critical system in the car.
    Be aware that nobody knows how the halos are supposed to be wired in except the guy who bought them.
    If some one else on here has a better idea please chime in.
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    Sounds like Halo setup to me.