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    Sep 16, 2018
    Got a complaint and a few questions.

    I’ve got small rock chips showing up along the leading edge (about 6 to 8" back) of the hood on my 2018 R/T. It’s got about 20K miles and I do a lot of highway time. So, I expect some of that. But there are NONE in the plastic nosepiece. If it were Destroyer grey I’d just live with it but it’s Octane Red and the primer poking thru is pretty obvious.

    Complaint; Hey MOPAR, put an extra coat on the metal!

    Next summer I’m going to get the hood repainted.

    Question for painters; any suggestions?

    Anyone… I’m thinking maybe getting something beyond stock… maybe. Octane Red looks pretty good in the sunshine. Maybe some very subtle ghost flames that are almost invisible or blackout the hood… I don’t know. Thoughts?
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    Oct 16, 2018
    Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
    I have the Destroyer Grey, and I recently bought a paint pen from the dealership to fix a door ding. $27 and change. Gotta wait until spring to use it though, as I live in Minnesota and don't have a heated garage.