"Performance" Cars of the late 70s/80s Increasing in Value

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    Hagerty has published a list of 6 "performance" cars of the late 70s/80s that are appreciating in value. These were slow, smog-era cars that Detroit tried to pass off as performance cars based on their graphics, hood scoops, spoilers, wheels and paint.

    Here is one example, the rare 1977 Pontiac Le Mans Can Am (only 1,300 made). Most came with a 400/200hp Pontiac V-8, but California and high-altitude cars came with the wheezier 403/185hp Oldsmobile engine. All Can Ams came in Cameo White with orange, red and yellow graphic accents, and attention-grabbers borrowed from the Trans Am included the standard shaker hood and optional snowflake wheels.

    Not a bad-looking car. It needs a 455, though.


    Mustache Muscle: 6 climbing classics of the ’70s and ’80s - Hagerty Media
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    I quote: Having gone from the likes of the Mach 1 and Boss 429 to this in just a few short years is as emblematic of American muscle’s quick demise as anything.

    America will rise again. The same class of people are trying to do the same thing all over again. Ford and Chevy are either so subsumed or in cahoots with those who hate everything that is American, male, and happy, that they didn't even wake up to the second muscle car era which Dodge initiated and completely took over.

    This latest attack isn't a grassroots thing, nor was it the first time. People weren't beating on the doors of dealers demanding Iron Duke-powered cars.

    This time it isn't going to take 40 years. Information travels much faster now, people have watched this stuff before, and some are awake to what is happening.

    Either Mopar will rise or it will allow others to knock it completely off its top spot, and they will do so if Mopar doesn't hire at least a few people who have ever had a direct relationship with sanity who don't live and breathe to destroy everything American they can get their socially-diseased little hands on.

    The United States will rise from this present attack to where it was gotten to prior to the last selection, and beyond. The US does not need another "decals and fake scoops" "performance" era.

    A non-hybrid giant-engine Viper with a huge rear wing is needed. Not a silly little Countour Fashion Wing of More Drag Than Downforce. A big-block 426 Hemi is needed, also. A Coronet wagon and refrigerator-white big beautiful Belvedere sedan is also needed.

    A revived land yacht 1971 Chrysler 300 is also needed, with more storage than a minivan and six seats, including the "snuggle the driver" seat on the front bench-ish seat layout.

    One auto writer wrote years ago that he noticed that American cars were being built now that didn't allow a girlfriend to snuggle up next to the driver. This is not accidental, either. He commented that the target seemed to be to lower the birth rate of Americans.

    Bring back the bench seat! Who else misses your girl/wife snuggled up right next to you when driving?

    Bench-seat muscle cars are needed! We don't need an on-the-floor shifter for an electronic automatic. The paddle shifters will do just dandy. I mean, those of us with red blood.

    Also, tall-sidewall N50-flavored tires! (but still radials.) Bring back the MUSCLE!

    No idea what is being done with the pictures. I put up ONE.

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    Wow. Stopped reading once I read "America will rise again".
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    Reminiscent of the grandiosity of the new arrivals prior to the psych meds taking effect.