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    Today, I did a quick, inexpensive interior mod that really helps to dress up my SRT.

    I purchased a red SRT ignition emblem decal from Steve White Motors for $6.95. I also purchased a stick of 3M adhesive promoter on E-Bay for $4.95. (R/T and Hellcat emblems are also available- see attached link).

    Here are the three easy installation steps:

    1. Wipe the ignition push start button with alcohol.

    2. Rub on adhesive promoter and let it dry for 30 seconds.

    3. Apply the emblem decal.

    Tips: Since the ignition button has a beveled edge, it is not necessary to pop off the chrome trim ring. I did, however, with a small screwdriver.

    The ignition button is inserted on an angle. I found it best to apply the decal while the button is already inserted into the ignition switch, otherwise it is very easy to install it crooked.


    SRTEmblem 006.JPG

    SRTEmblem 007.JPG
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