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    Today me and the lady took a trip about 45 mins away to do some hiking, we stopped at a small breakfast place to find out they didn't open until later. We head back to the car, I press the start button and the car starts.. for about 5 seconds.
    Fuel and Coolant Temp gauge stay upright but RPMs bottom out because the engine shut off.

    So I shut it down and then it starts right back up with no issues.
    We go hike for about 3-4hrs then we get back to the car, it does it once more.

    Could it be my plugs? Or I also read, for the '16 model at least, that if the wrong key fob is used then it'll shut off the engine after 4 sec. but I'm obviously not using the wrong fob as it starts up fine the second time.

    I've noticed (I've never had a v8 so bare with me) the RPMs bounce up and down frequently when I'm not hammering the gas, is this normal?

    I know I have a lot of questions but I want to diagnose the issues before something, if anything at all, goes wrong.

    FYI, just got the oil changed with Valvoline Full Synthetic and also a coolant flush and refill.

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