Ram Goes Hybrid

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    Dodge engineers have been busy. For all of you truck fans, this year, the Dodge Ram, in addition to being available in the 5.7 Hemi and EcoDiesel, will have two other power plants. They will be the new "eTorque" V6 and a V8 mild-hybrid.

    According to Motor Trend (June 2018), "The eTorque sysyem, also known as a belt alternator starter, replaces the alternator with a compact but powerful electric motor/generator. The liquid-cooled unit affixed to a 3.6 Pentastar engine can produce up to 90 lb-ft of additional torque, and the air-cooled unit mounted to the 5.7 Hemi produces up to 130 lb-ft.

    The motor generators have multiple jobs. While the engine is running, they feed in additional torque at low rpm to give the engine a boost. When the automatic engine stop/start system engages, they restart the engine much more quickly and smoothly than the starter motor. When they are not adding power, they generate it when the truck slows down, enhancing engine braking.

    On the V8 engine, the motor/generator also can add torque on demand so that the engine can run in fuel-saving mode with some of is cylinders shut off. The motor/generators get their power from and supply their regenerative braking to a 48-volt battery behind the rear seats. From there, a DC-to-DC convertor supplies 12-volt power to the truck's electrical system and the 12-volt battery."