Random stability control message

Discussion in 'Dodge Challenger General Maintenance' started by Sergio4091, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Feb 20, 2018
    First time seeing this issue. Today i was on my way to work as usual, going around 70mph. Out of nowhere my rpms kick upp all the way as im already pressing the gas and i see a random stability control mssg on the dash and the whole car turned off for a couple of seconds and turned back on while i was still driving.. So i pull over and just step on the gas again and the rpms still go up and whatsoever as if it skips gear and whatsoever. So i turned the car off compleltey waited a few minutes and turned it back on and drove off. Everything was working back to normal. Note i didnt had tractrion control on not sports mode. Was driving normal. 2016 A8.

    Note: I recently did the latest update. Not sure if that has to do something with what happened.

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