Recalibrate Steering

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    Here is the procedure if you ever have to recalibrate your steering:

    1. Park vehicle with wheels straight ahead.
    2. Start engine.
    3. Turn wheel fully left to lock, then fully right to lock and back to center.
    4. Check to see if the ESP/BAS lights go out.
    5. If the trouble lights do not go out, repeat the process.

    (Note- Anytime you disconnect the battery, you have to re-sync the steering).

    Also, if you have a sunroof, run it through the full vent up position, close and manually operate to full open, then full close. (This teaches the sensors the limits of travel).

    then test the sunroof by doing auto open / auto close to verify.
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    Oct 4, 2017
    interesting because when I changed out my inner and outer tie rod ends, I forgot to count thread turns on one side.When I got the new ones installed, the steering wheel was off center so I knew it wasn't close enough. I dropped that side back down and carefully matched screw threads to the other side. Put it back in place retightened everything and much to my relief , found wheel was true to center again.
    The other thing that happened when I drove the car first without recentering was that
    the ESP and BAS lites did come on. Also the brakes were pulsing as if I was sliding on ice (anti lock system engaging). Seems like the EHPS is very sensitive to alignment being off.