Replacing Stock Subwoofer

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    Feb 3, 2017
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    In my R/T Classic it came with the 7-Speaker Boston Acoustic system with upgraded amp
    I found out that the subwoofer was crackling when I turned up the bass, so I decided to replace it with a Rockford Fosgate P|2 8" Subwoofer
    Despite reading that a lot of speakers don't fit, I was able to make it fit without modifying anything
    It was a very tight fit but it eventually went in and the rear deck cover is as flush as before, maybe bulged up 1/4" at most in the far back against the glass
    I cut off the stock connector and hard wired the Sub in
    It sounds great, although people said it wouldn't produce more bass and it was a waste of time, it sounds much better than stock did
    Of course it'd sound even better if it was enclosed but I liked not compromising any space in the vehicle to install it
    Hope this helps anyone wanting to install one into the stock hole!