Rock Guards and Mud flaps.

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    Oct 26, 2019
    I have a White Scat Pack and every time I drive anywhere there is black road grime that gets on on my front and rear Fenders. I have also heard people talking about rock chips on the fenders and rocker panels from this.

    Any one have any suggestions for aftermarket rock guards/mud flaps that don't require drilling holes? I was looking online but there are so many.

    I don't particularly like the looks of the typical mudflap. I want something that comes up into the wheel well and is low profile. Not interested in fender flares. Only if I was to go with a wider tire and I'm not going to buy new tires just for that.

    There is a set online that seems to be popular, but despite the positive reviews there are a few negative reviews also. Anyone ever use these?

    They look good but I'm wondering how practical they are.

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