SRT Hellcat Redeye Review

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    The December 2018 issue of Car & Driver, tested an SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody.

    Base Price: $78,745
    As Tested: $91,469

    The review is summed up as follows:

    "Nothing screams America like giving a 707-hp muscle car another 90 horsepower...With standard three-mode Bilstein dampers at all corners, the Redeye is capable of changing direction without an executive order. Pressed, it produced 0.95g of grip and stopped from 70 mph in just 152 feet."

    The 0-60 mph time was 3.7 sec.,the 0-100 mph time was 7.8 sec. and the 0-170 mph time was 27.7 sec. The rolling start from 5-60 mph was 4.1 sec. Top speed was 203 mph (drag limited).

    Dodge claims that the Redeye should run a 10.8 sec. quarter but the best the testers could do was 11.8 [email protected] mph. The testers attributed this to a lack of traction. The Pirelli P Zero 305/35ZR-20 tires simply went up in smoke and spun halfway through second gear.

    (Note- The Redeye's twin snorkel hood accounted for the slightly reduced 707 hp. output over the Demon's. Because of the difference in hood scoop design, Dodge had to re-calibrate the engine for the reduced air flow. Also, the Redeye's ECU is not equipped to run on race gas).
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