Tesla 100 mph. Crash

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    A driver high on marijuana crashed a Tesla into an apartment building, at 100 mph., late Tuesday night, in Corvallis, Oregon, sending hundreds of small batteries flying. Two of the batteries shot through apartment windows. One landed in a resident's lap. The other came to rest on a bed and set the sheets on fire.

    Agencies investigating he crash cautioned that the batteries:
    • Can reportedly stay hot to the touch for up to 24 hours and could cause burns if handled.
    • Can release toxic fumes that may harm people and animals if inhaled.
    • Can leak substances that may harm people and animals if they are exposed.
    The driver fled the scene on foot and was arrested 3 blocks away and taken to a hospital.


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    Batteries catch on fire, burn, are toxic and can leak harmful substances.... so this is "cleaner" and better for the environment than combustion engines???
    Plus, not smart to throw a bunch of batteries into a metal pail. That's a short circuit just waiting to happen.
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