Tesla Crashes into Convention Center

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    Watch this incredible video, where a Tesla goes airborne and crashes into the Greater Columbus Convention Center (Ohio).

    The footage of this incident was captured by cameras at the convention center. The driver claims the 2020 Tesla Model S would not stop when exiting from highway SR-315 and drove at some time for around 70 mph before careening through an intersection and launching into building. It ran a red light, demolished a planter, jumped three stairs, and sailed through some giant windows in a spray of dirt, glass, and sheer terror.

    Inside the building, a well-placed fisheye camera captures the aftermath. The Tesla, no longer airborne but hardly slowed by the glass, shoots in from the right. A support pole catches the Tesla, causing it to spin 180 degrees, obliterating the front end but also arresting its further progress into the building. No one outside or inside the building were struck, somehow. The Columbus Dispatch notes that there were several events and lots of people further inside the center, so perhaps if the vehicle hadn't been stopped by the pole the outcome could have been a lot worse. The driver's condition isn't noted in any of the reports, but there seem to have been no serious injuries to anything save the building.

    That building will need upwards of $300,000 in repairs, by the way. And while NTSB initially looked into the crash, perhaps suspecting that the company's Autopilot driver assistance system was involved, it did not pursue the matter after Tesla reported it hadn't received any telemetry from the car indicating the vehicle was using Autopilot. NTSB also didn't ask local police to receive the vehicle's "black box."